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Ring/Bracelet Sizing:

Our ring sizes are in US ring sizing. If you know your size or finger measurement (in mm), you can go to any online ring conversion website (Google ring size conversion chart) and enter you info.

Here is an example of a ring size conversion chart:

We also have a handy sizing guide on our website, the link is on the bottom tab, right side titled “Sizing”.

Alternatively you can pop into any jeweler and ask that they measure your fingers in US sizing which would be the most accurate method.

Our Bracelet sizes are listed as the circumference in inches. To measure your wrist, wrap a piece of string around to the desired fit. Then lay that string back out on a ruler to get your measurement in inches.

Double Ring sizing:

You will want to select the size that corresponds to the largest finger you plan to wear it on. The second hole will be exactly 1 size smaller.

Jewelry Material/Plating:

Our jewelry colours are anodized stainless steel. It is plated at 0.8mm and very durable.

To find out how to best care for our jewelry please visit our Care Instructions here. 

Size/color offerings:

The sizes and colors that are listed online are the complete offerings for the product. If you don’t see the size on the list then we don’t make that size unfortunately. 


To get an idea about our retailers please go through the Retailers section located on the website on the bottom tab.

Please note, we do not control what our retailers stock or don’t stock so if you are looking for something specific, please give them a call before going to the store as we don’t want you to be let down if they are sold out or simply didn’t stock the item you’re seeking. In some cases, it’s even possible they will have no inventory at all as they may have simply sold out completely. 

Sold Out Product:

The best way to know when an item is back in stock is to sign up for the “Email When Available” button that will pop-up on the right hand side of the product page when the sold out item is selected.

If your item is on sale / in the sale section then unfortunately that is the remainder of the stock and we will not be getting more in that specific design or color. 
If you are seeking an item that has been removed from the website this item has been discontinued and will not be returning.

Shipping/fulfillment time:

Upon confirmation of payment your item will be processed for shipment within 2 business days. A tracking code will be issued to the email you registered with. Average European shipping time with standard shipping methods is 3-5 business days

Shipping upgrades are available! Cost and shipping time will be quoted at checkout based on your location.

Shipping Rates/Policy

Custom work/sizing:

Custom work or sizing is not something we offer. The reason for this is because we produce in large volumes and do not have a feasible way to make smaller quantities as a result. The wait time + cost that would need to be transferred to you the customer would be unreasonable. For those reasons we don’t do any custom work. 


You could certainly get your item engraved though you would want to ensure beforehand with a professional that they could do it for you. We do not have the means to do this for you and we don’t encourage it, but it can be done.

The reason we do not encourage this is because if it is a colored item (Gold, Antiqued Steel, Matte Black) then the engraving will take the color off in that spot and it will require an additional polish to soften the engraved spot which may not match the current finish.